Welcome to the 1% Project

Our mission is really quite simple. We want you to improve one aspect of your personal or professional life by 1%, and maintain that level of improvement for 30 days. Welcome to the 1% Project

Think about it. What if everyone you knew improved one aspect of their life by just 1%? What if you were 1% nicer to your spouse or significant other? How about if you were 1% nicer to someone at work? How about 1% nicer to everyone at work? (Yes, even to that dufus over in accounting.)

How do you think that would affect your relationships?

Our experience is that—after they get over the initial shock—people will reciprocate. They’ll start being nicer to you.

Perhaps you want to focus on being 1% better at a core job skills. How about if you became 1% better at managing your time? Leading a team? Communicating with others? The choice is yours. Improve one thing by just 1% for 30 days, and you will see a payoff. How do we know? Because we have the tools to help you—tools that are based not on opinion but on solid research and testing.

At home, the result is more harmony, more love, and greater understanding and support.

At work, it means boosted productivity, more professional opportunities and advancement, and greater respect and cooperation from your colleagues.

For your kids, it means a greater sense of connectedness and security, better grades, and fewer arguments.

And for you, it means a higher level of success that continues to grow day by day, more motivation, and a life of purpose and meaning.

All it takes is 1%. Now – because there’s no better time than now.